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Compare Life's Abundance Cat Food with other brands

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Do you really know what’s in your pet’s food?

Although you may think all pet food manufacturers have your pet’s best interests in mind, this is not always the case. Current pet food regulations allow manufacturers to use ingredients that you would never knowingly give to your pet. In fact, you may be shocked to learn what some brands of pet food really contain. Watch this short presentation before you commit to a brand of food for your loving companion.

Don’t see your brand of pet food? Here’s how to compare your brand to Life’s Abundance.

1. Get your bag of food. Look for the Ingredient Statement on the label.

2. Read the first 5 ingredients. They play a significant role in the nutritional make-up of a food.

  • What are the protein sources? We believe the primary source should come from quality animal protein, not vegetable protein or grain. Foods that list 2 or more grains in the first 5 ingredients may have more vegetable protein than animal protein.

    Life’s Abundance primary protein is chicken meal. Why? Because chicken meat contains a certain amount of moisture; however, chicken meal is a concentrated source of chicken protein because most of the water has been removed. Therefore, it stands to reason that you get a greater “protein content” in 1 pound of chicken meal versus 1 pound of chicken.
  • What about grains? Two or more grains listed in the first 5 ingredients means your food may have more vegetable protein than animal protein. Grains such as soy, corn, corn gluten and wheat gluten can be difficult to digest, which means less nutrition and more clean up.

    Life’s Abundance lists only 1 grain in the first five ingredients, ground brown rice.
  • Are there by-products? Some manufacturers consider by-products inferior sources of protein and, depending on the source, they can be difficult to digest.

    Life’s Abundance does NOT contain by-products ingredients.
  • What are the fat sources? Some fats are better than others. We believe the primary fat source in dogfood should be animal based because animal fats contain a profile of fatty acids that are easily metabolized and thus are generally more available to the body.

    Life’s Abundance contains chicken fat.

3. Does your food contain other health-promoting ingredients, such as:
    Vegetables, Beet fiber, Antioxidants, Proteinated Minerals, Bacteria cultures.

Your cat deserves the very best food. How does your food measure up?

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Life's Abundance Dog Food

Life's Abundance Premium Dog Food

Life's Abundance Premium Dog Food is made using ingredients such as premium natural chicken and top quality catfish with the best fruit, vegetables and select farm foods.

Life's Abundance Cat Food

Life's Abundance Premium Cat Food

Life's Abundance Premium Dry Cat Food- Other than treats, your cat eats the same food day in and day out. So the brand of food you feed your cat is important to a long and healthy life.

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Sealogix Fish Oil

Sealogix fish oil CLICK HERE for

Sealogix Omega-3 ultra-refined Fish Oil is scientifically formulated with superior nutritional ingredients to deliver the maximum in Omega-3 nutrition.

Instinctive Choice Cat Food

Instinctive Choice Premium Canned Cat Food
Instinctive Choice Premium Canned Food is specially formulated to feed along with Life's Abundance Premium Dry Food, so your cat can get the benefits of both canned and dry foods. It's not only what is in Instinctive Choice that makes it the ultimate canned cat food.

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